About me

Hello. My name is Mikhail Romanovskiy.

My dream has always been to become a film director, that's why i decided to take my first step towards it and go to filmschool majoring in "Filmmaking & TV production" where i was taught by I.Kvirikadze & A.Dobrovolskiy.

I was attracted to becoming a director because of the opportunity to work with unique people and to create extraordinary things.

I always strive to acquire new knowledge and to learn new skills.  My education allowed me to achieve many of my career goals and broaden my professional horizons in the last seven years.  

During my professional years I've had a lot of opportunities to work side by side with many interesting people, true masters of their craft: actors, models, composers, singers, designers, dancers, etc... My line of work included projects with advertising and creative agencies, different stages of productions, shooting commercial and promotional videos for TV channels as well as companies from different industries. In 2014 I became the head of the video department in "OST-MEDIA" company in Moscow. Later on, I was offered the position of chief director at "RBC" TV Channel, where I worked for two years.  


In the "Portfolio" section you can see the projects, that were created in conjunction with my crew. Together we worked successfully for the past several years. 


In the "Contact" section you will find the way to get in touch with me.


I look forward to hearing from you, making new connections and creating new things together.


Education & Certification

  • Moscow Advanced Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors, Films & TV production 

  • Tyumen State University, Russia, Finance & Stock market​

  • Manhattan Film Institute, USA, Director's course

  • Certification in "Final Cut Pro X" - Autorized Apple Training centre “iProClass”

  • Certification in "First AD of Film & TV" - "Vector of film" company 

  • Certification in "Fundamental picture" - "Photoplay" School

  • Certification in "Studio shooting" - "Photoplay" School

  • Certification in “Professional editing Adobe Premiere Pro CC” Autorized Adobe  Training centre "Specialist" 

  • Certification in “Adobe premiere Pro Advanced Training Course” - "Profile" school