Short Films

 Lonely souls of microbes '2014

Duration 00:35:00:00

Country: Russia


    Artyom Kluchnikov

    Asya Domskaya

    Tatyana Levina

Writer: Maxim L. Maximov

Director, producer, editor: Mikhail Romanovskiy

DoP: Svjatoslav Osipov & Petr Markichev

Set Director: Anastasia Ryazanova

First AD: July Trofimova

Festival Agent: CinePromo

A person is constantly changing in every moment of their life and yet remains the same. No matter how lucky, young or even in love we are, we bear our loneliness inside at all times. There is no escaping from it. Its lingering around during drunken parties in the dorms... Watching us... even when we are not in our own bed. The main character of this movie meets a girl who completely turns his world upside down as he is just beginning to learn how to find his inner peace. Her deliberate loneliness is a reassured protection from all the pain, lost hopes and disappointments. Not quite a love story, but more than just a story of someone's life!
- Do you feel lonesome with me? - Of course.

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