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"Perfect breakfast"

The "RBC" TV channel with "Bunge" company and brand "IDEAL" produced 5 episodes of the morning show "Perfect Breakfast". Each episode revealed not only the culinary tricks with olive oil, but also interesting facts about the cooking from all over the world.

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Agency: Union Media

Production: RBC TV CHANNEL

General producer: Gleb Shagoun

Executive producer: Nikolai Milovskiy

Co-executive producer: Polina Abdulina

Creative producer: Natalya Bahmatova

Line producers: Svetlana Baikova, Maria Pokrovskaya

Director: Mikhail Romanovskiy

Director of Photography: Maxim Ignatenko

Writer: Tamara Ivanova

Sound directors: Andrey Genchev, Mikhail Nikitin 

TV-Hosts: Elena Hrupova, Arina Mirnaya, Kirill Golikov

Season 1 - Episode 2 

Season 1 - Episode 4