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"From small to great"

A series of interviews with leaders of small and medium-sized businesses working with "Alfa-Bank". In a span of 3 days we were able to shoot sixteen full interviews, utilizing only one location. However by changing variations of decoration and designs of the studio we were able to create an illusion of different locations for the interviews.

Agency: Сode of trade (BBDO Group)

Production: RBC TV CHANNEL

General producer: Gleb Shagoun

Executive producer: Nikolai Milovskiy

Co-executive producer: Polina Abdulina

Creative producer: Ruslan Aliev

Line producer's: Svetlana Baikova, Maria Pokrovskaya

Director: Mikhail Romanovskiy

Director of Photography: Maxim Ignatenko 

Writer: Tamara Ivanova

Sound directors: Andrey Genchev, Mikhail Nikitin 

From small to great